I was looking for a reasonable rate for an excellent job for a car that I needed cleaned up prior to sale. I remember when this business had a physical location and I had known people that had used the services and been very happy with the results. While Detail City is now mobile only, I found this to be a blessing ! Scot picked my car up at my work and returned it promptly in BEAUTIFUL condition prior to the end of my work day. The interior looked as good as new (this is an eight year old vehicle that was subject to teenage boys for most of its life) and the exterior was restored as good as it gets without a new paint job. Scot even restored my headlamps closer to their former glory. I can see better at night now. Thanks Scot for such great work !!
— Brad W. Yelp 5 star
      I've had nice cars, junkers, cars to be sold, and cars I've bought detailed here and it's always impressive to see the results. It's as though they break down cars into every little piece, toss them in a washing machine, and then put them all back together.

This is a top-notch detailer, and given its location (down a driveway behind a building), can be easy to miss. Fast and friendly people.
— Kainoa r. Yelp 5 star
     Did a great job. Did even more than I expected. Was very prompt both picking up and dropping off. Wish I had used him long ago!
— A.D. Yelp 5 star
       Great service! My car was picked up and returned later that day. It was in SERIOUS need (I think there was lichen growing on my paint) and the car came back looking brand new. He doesn't use any chemically, artificially scented products which was important to me, since I have a new baby. Hey men out there, this is a great gift to give a new mom!
— JT. Yelp 5 star
      Did a GREAT job on my husband's Lexus SUV. His discounted coupon price makes him the best value in town, too.

He picks up your car PROMPTLY in the morning and has it back about 5 hours later.

Worth every penny. And I may even have him do my car too!
— Stephanie V. Yelp 5 star
      Scot did a fantastic job in taking our sadly UV-damaged and dirty 2008 Class C motor home from "ugh" to 'amazing". He suggested we let him scrape off the peeling decals, in addition to the standard detailing, and I'm glad we listened to him. I think he is a bit of a perfectionist, but as his customer, that tendency works to your advantage. I wouldn't go to anyone else.
— Julie C. Yelp 5 star
      Scott did a great job. He picked up the car first thing in the morning. The car was brought back sometime in the afternoon. It looked amazing inside and out. His price was more than reasonable. If you are going to have your car detailed I can't think of any place that would be better or more convenient.

It was strange to come home and see the car in the driveway with all the doors and trunk open. I understand that it needs to dry out and that leaving it open makes sense. He might want to warn you about this though. It is a little jarring to drive up and see your car looking so exposed on the driveway.
— Brad L. Yelp 5 star
      Brought our 2000 RV for a detail, I cannot speak highly enough of the job Scot and his crew did, It is beautiful. If you need any vehicle detailed go to to Detail City you will not be disappointed.
— Lea M. Yelp 5 star
      Scot did a beautiful job on my old Volvo wagon.
Scot did a lot more than simply detail the car. He was in continuous
communication throughout the prolonged problems the car was going through
prior to the time he volunteered to pick it up. He was obliged to drive it
in a pretty bad state of mold.
In a remarkably brief time the car was transformed from uninhabitable
to a pleasure to drive. Even the bumpers got painted and this adds a lot to the
"like new" effect.
The only problem I have now is that I can't find it in parking lots, as I don't recognize it.
— Will C. Yelp 5 star
     Thanks to Scott our R.V. looks like brand new. Great price, Great attention to detail and prompt service as promised. Our carpet was so awful and it looks 100% better. We have pets and needless to say they had a challenge in cleaning the carpet. They exceeded expectation and would not hesitate to recommend the service.
— Susan P. Yelp 5 star
      I haven't used Scot since he moved from his shop on Mendocino Ave. When I went there for a detail the guys in his old location told me that Scot wasn't doing detail anymore. Not true obviously. While he was there, I brought my Jeep Cherokee and Chevy Suburban to him every year or so and he alway did a very good job. I remember coming back to get something from my Cherokee and was surprised to see that he had actually removed the seats so that he could clean thoroughly underneath them. I was impressed. Calling him today to see what he can do about my Labrador retriever hair filled pick-up truck. :-)
— JP. M. Yelp 5 star